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Bovilles keep a fantastic range that's so versatile!


Canford Paper and Card is massively popular at Bovilles and for good reason! They're tremendously versatile and can be used for all sorts of applications. Plus they come in a massive range of colours! And If you're looking for mount board, you've come to the right place! Studland PH Neutral Mount Board is another absolute favourite. Again it comes in masses of different colours and surfaces. All Prices on this page are shown including VAT


Canford Paper - Click On the image for Colour Chart
Price per sheet

Multiple Price

Canford Colour Chart
CANF/A1/(colour) 150gsm Paper A1 (sheet)


£45.90 for 25 Sheets 
CANF/A4/(Colour) 150gsm Paper A4 (sheet)
£26.30 for 100 Sheets
Canford Card  
Price per sheet
Multiple Price
CANCAR/A1(colour) 300gsm Card A1 (sheet)
£27.00for 10 Sheets
CANCAR/A4(colour) 300gsm Card A4 (sheet)
£25.00 for 50 Sheets
Studland A1 Coloured Mount Board - Click On the image for Colour Chart
Price per sheet
Multiple Price
Studland MountBoard Colour Chart
MB6/(colour) A1 Coloured Mount Board
£42.60 For 10 Sheets
MB6/Poster Black/ Snow White A1 Coloured Mount Board

£85.20 for 20 Sheets

Canford Pads
Canford Coloured Pad A3/A4
ORPA3 Canford Black Paper Pad A3


ORPA4 Canford Black Paper Pad A4
KFPA3 Canford Assorted Colour Pad A3
KFPA4 Canford Assorted Colour Pad A4













Prices as 17th January 2013. To find your local branch of Bovilles click here.