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Water Colour Paper by The Sheet

Do you pay too much for your water colour paper? You'll find it hard to beat these prices!


Bockingford - 30" x 22" by the sheet
BKWC90 90lb/190gsm NOT £2.05 Mould made from 100% photographic quality woodpulp. Acid free and buffered with calcium carbonate to give long life properties unaffected by atmosphere acidity. Free from optical brightening agents, Bockingford is colour stable and will not change colour when exposed to light. Suitable for water colour, drawing, gouache, charcoal and printmaking.
BKWC140 140lb/295gsm NOT £2.95
BKWC200 200lb/425gsm NOT


BKWC250 250lb/535gsm NOT £4.35
Saunders Waterford - 30" x 22" by the sheet
SWC90/NOT 90lb/190gsm NOT £2.95 Saunders Waterford Series is unique in that it is the only paper which carries the Royal Watercolour Society's seal of approval. The Waterford series is a 100% rag mould-made paper, acid free and buffered against atmospheric contamination giving archival permanence. The natural white sheet contains no optical brighteners and has excellent colour stability. It has found great favour with water colour artists for its surface strength.
SWC140/NOT 140lb/295gsm NOT £5.25
SWC90/RGH 90lb/190gsm ROUGH £2.95
SWC140/RGH 140lb/295gsm ROUGH £5.25
SWC90/HP 90lb/190gsm HP £2.95
SWC140/HP 140lb/295gsm HP £5.25
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Prices correct at 17th January 2012. To find your local branch of Bovilles click here.