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Pastels - A Versatile Medium That Won't Break The Bank!

Give this beautiful medium a try today!

Pastel can sometimes seem like an unforgiving medium, famous works always seem so delicate and mistakes seem harder to fix. Think again! There are many different types of pastel and even more ways of using them. Just look for yourself...

Soft Pastels

This is the most popular type of pastel sold at Bovilles. They have a high proportion of pigment which results in beautiful brighter colours and a more 'chalky' texture which enables them to be easily blended. We stock Daler-Rowney and Winsor & Newton Artists' Soft Pastels among others.

Oil Pastels

These have a softer, creamier consistency and very strong colour. Unlike Soft Pastels, Oil Pastels do not require a fixative. Daler-Rowney Oil Pastel Sets (pictured below) are very good value for money starting at around £4 for a set of twelve colours!

Pastel Pencils
Pastel Pencils give you the best of both worlds - the ease of use of a pencil and the gorgeous smooth finish of a quality pastel. These are unbeatable value for money, because you can buy a tin of 12 assorted colours for as little as £12.95 and replace the colours you use most individually. We keep a full stock of single pencils!

We also stock a great range of accessories and surfaces for the pastel artist. Pop into your local branch of Bovilles to find out more!