Make the world a beautiful place with Bovilles!

The Best Cards Need The Best Basics

We have all the tools you'll need to let your card-making creativity run wild!

No two hand-made cards are the same, but all card makers know that to create a fabulous looking card you need quality basics - card blanks, decorative papers and embellishments to name but a few! At Bovilles we pride ourselves on the quality of the materials we sell.

Cutting Tools

The XCut Range of craft knives, guillotines and scorers are ideal for all manner of craft projects as well as card making. They have blades of precision ground steel and the knives start at a very reasonable £2.98.

Card Blanks, Embellishments, & Accents
There are so many shapes, sizes, colours and textures - you'll be in paper heaven! Not to mention the oodles of beautiful adornments to your cards - outline stickers, glitters, powders, gems, brads, wires and much, much more!

Visit your local branch and take a look, you won't be disappointed!